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Tens frame - Montessori Learning Resource
Tens frame - Montessori Learning Resource
Tens frame - Montessori Learning Resource
Tens frame and Number blocks, The Little Coach House
Tens frame - Montessori Learning Resource

Tens Frame - Montessori Learning Resource

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Our wooden tens frame is perfect for helping nursery and reception children to develop their early number, counting and subitising skills. A tens frame is a two-by-five rectangular frame into which objects are placed to demonstrate numbers less than or equal to 10. By using the tens frame to count out objects your child will start to develop a visual of what a number amount looks like (subitising). It will also help to develop their understanding of numbers and number facts. 

Ten frames are an amazing maths tool used in Year 1 and 2 to help children understand counting, place value, adding, subtracting, and more. 

Why not add a set of our 2cm felt balls to your order to use with your tens frame?


Our tens frames are made from solid beech and finished in a natural raw oil.


Each tens frame is 30cm long and 11cm wide

Our products are all CE tested.

Please note our products are learning resources and they are not to be used as toys. Your child should always be supervised by an adult when using them.

 **If you are an Early Years Setting or school and would like to purchase several boards please contact us for a discount.**